Jagannatha Temple Berlin

Vaishnava Appreciation Festival

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Like every year we would like to take time at the end of the year to appreciate the Vaishnavas by celebrating a Vaishnava Appreciation Festival. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Everyone participating is asked to bring a small gift in the value of max. 5 €. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary materially speaking. It can also be something home-made like cookies or a picture or warm socks.

At the beginning of the festival we will write the names of everyone present on small pieces of paper and collect these in a bowl. The gifts will all be placed in front of the altar. Next, everyone will pull a name from the bowl and give a gift to the person whose name is on that piece of paper. Before presenting the gift the person giving the gift gets the chance to say a few words of appreciation to the person receiving the gift (around 2 minutes and you can ask for support if you don’t know that person that well).