Jagannatha Temple Berlin

Govardhana Puja & Dipavali

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The time of the year has arrived for one of the most wonderful festivals: Govardhana puja! We look forward to your association and the festival!

Before the first Govardhana puja that was ever celebrated Krishna told everyone how he envisioned the festival and we will celebrate accordingly on Thursday. Amongst other things Krishna desires to have “rice, dal, halava, pakoras, puris, every kind of milk dish, sweet rice, sweet balls, sandeshas, rasagullas and laddus.” We want to fulfill these desires to the best of our ability and cordially invite you to join uns and prepare some sweets and/or other food at home and bring it to the temple without offering it at home so it can be offered to Krishna in the temple.

approximate schedule:
5.30-6.30 bhajans /mantra meditation
6.30-7.00 lecture by Bhagavat Dharma with translation into English
7.00-8.00 worship of Govardhana and arati (temple ceremony with song and dance)
from 8.00 vegan/vegetarian feast

Sri Giri-govardhana ki jaya!